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What souvenirs to bring back from your vacation? part.2

We recently gave you some ideas for interesting souvenirs you can buy in Croatia. Today we’ll show you more inspiration, this time… from the kitchen! Literally and figuratively, because we have prepared for you Croatian delicacies that will satisfy the palate of every gourmet! Here are some distinctive treats to consider:

Istrian forests are known for their abundance of truffles. Black and white truffles are prized for their intense flavor and aroma. You can buy truffles or products with truffles, such as oils or mousses as a tasty souvenir. We wrote more about truffles here.

Liker Maraschino-is a world-famous liqueur originating from the city of Zadar. It is produced from a specific type of maraschino cherry. It is a sweet drink that can be consumed cold or used to make cocktails.

Croatia is famous for its excellent quality pršut. It’s a product that is very popular with foreign visitors. In addition, kulen, a delicacy from Slavonia, would also be an ideal choice. When going to Croatia, you can buy fresh pršut and kulen as great souvenirs. Moreover, cheeses of all kinds will also be a great idea! Paski sir, Istarski sir, Škripavaci many others in different flavor variants- with herbs or with the addition of lavender and the like.

Chocolate with olive oil-This is an unusual combination of flavors, but it’s really popular in Croatia. Olive oil-infused chocolate gives the dessert a unique flavor and smooth texture. Plus, Croatian sweets of all kinds will always be a great souvenir.

In addition, fig jam will be an interesting choice. It’s a tasty and flavorful snack that can be a great addition to breakfast, dessert or cheese. It delights not only with its taste, but also with the intense aroma of figs. This is a great alternative to traditional jams and a great souvenir.

A more unique idea would be licitarsko srce which is the product most similar to our gingerbread. But what is so special about it? Licitar is manufactured in the shape of a heart, and richly decorated. It delights not only with its aesthetic appearance, but also carries a rich history and tradition, being one of the valuable elements of Croatian cultural heritage.

We couldn’t forget about Cedevita, either. It is a popular vitamin drink that contains a blend of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. It is available in powder, and customers dissolve it in water themselves to create a refreshing vitamin drink. Cedevita is a must-have product in every Croatian home! An equally good souvenir will be Vegeta, whose inventors are Croatians. This product hardly needs to be introduced to anyone!

In addition, Croatia is famous for its high quality honey, and lavender honey is one of the unique and aromatic varieties from the country. Although not mass-produced, it has its place in the rich tradition of beekeeping. It is an ideal addition to tea, yogurts, as well as an excellent ingredient in various dishes and desserts. Honeys as souvenirs will do fantastically well!

Of course, we also recommend you stock up on a supply of good, homemade Croatian olive oil and rakija. Such a souvenir is always a shot in 10! When traveling to Croatia, experiment with local flavors and discover unique regional products. The unforgettable culinary experience is sure to be a great souvenir and allow you to enjoy your vacation even after you return home. If you are curious about what other souvenirs you can buy in Croatia, you are cordially invited here.

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