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Amazing attractions for kids in Croatia, part 2.

atrakcje dla dzieci w Chorwacji cz.2

Providing attractions for children on vacation, is a mandatory point for most parents 🙂 Well, because it is known, these little people somewhere need to discharge their energy and satisfy their curiosity about the world. Today I present you part 2 of my guides for parents and their kids.

Ps. I will try to make sure this is not the last tutorial in this series 🤗


Glavani Adventure Park

– located in Istria, is an exciting rope park that offers trails with obstacles suspended high above the ground, suitable for different levels of difficulty and ages, including trails for very young children.

In the park itself, you’ll find not only a “walk in the trees” but also such attractions as a human catapult, a climbing wall and a tyrolean jump from 20m! And that’s still not all the place has to offer. Check it out HERE.

Pula Aquarium

– housed in an Austro-Hungarian fortress on the Verudela Peninsula, offers the opportunity to see many species of sea creatures, including sharks, a great attraction for children of all ages. The aquarium is spread over 4 floors, from the -1 floor up to the amazon on the 2nd floor (the roof!).

You can find more information HERE!


Etnoland Dalmati

– is a cultural park that provides an interactive experience depicting life in a traditional Dalmatian village. Children can learn about Dalmatian culture and history through play and direct contact with nature. This one is really a great place not only for children, because adults will get just as much interesting information from it and, in addition, you can arrange a family feast with PEKA in the lead role! Book a place for the whole family here.

Krka Eco Campus in Puljane

– Krka waterfalls are visited by practically everyone who visits Dalmatia, but not everyone makes it to the ecological campus in Puljan, which is a pity, because it is a unique place located in the heart of the Krka National Park that offers educational programs and workshops aimed at children and young people. It is an ideal place for families and schools that want to deepen their knowledge of environmental protection, biodiversity and sustainability. The campus provides interactive experiences such as field lessons, nature observations and hands-on activities that allow participants to interact directly with nature and learn through direct experience.

In addition to the educational aspects, the Krka Eco Campus in Puljane also offers the opportunity to explore the beauty of the Krka National Park, encouraging people to be active in nature through walks, hikes and exploration. This is a great opportunity to teach children respect for nature and show them the importance of protecting our environment for future generations.

For more information, visit the park’s website.

Kuća soli, or House of Salt in Solana Nin

– is a fantastic and interesting place to understand the process of salt production – a traditional craft that has a centuries-old history in the Nin region. Nin has been known for its salt production since Roman times, and salt extraction methods have changed little since then.

A visit to Kuća soli offers not only the opportunity to learn about the history and techniques of salt production, but also to participate in a workshop where you can experience for yourself how salt is harvested. For children (and not only), it’s a fascinating opportunity to see how salt is made from seawater, thanks to the sun and wind.

This environmental and educational spot attracts both tourists and local residents who want to better understand the importance of salt in the region’s history and economy. Solana Nin is famous for producing some of the purest and healthiest salt in Europe, making the area unique not only culturally, but also naturally.

Visiting Kuća soli, you can also purchase local salt and salt products, which is a great souvenir and a way to support traditional production methods. Walking through the salt pans, you can enjoy the beauty of the natural landscape, making it an ideal place for a quiet day dedicated to learning and relaxing in nature.

Museum of Illusions in Split and Zadar

The Museum of Illusions is a place that is sure to surprise both children and adults, offering an extraordinary experience full of fun and wonder. It is part of an international network of Museums of Illusion that are popular around the world. The Split location allows visitors to immerse themselves in a world of optical illusions, holograms, and interactive exhibits that test perception and the senses.

The Museum of Illusions features rooms full of surprises, such as the Shrinking Room, which gives the impression of shrinking or enlarging the occupants depending on where they stand. Another attraction is the Spinning Tunnel, through which, as you pass through, you can feel the entire environment rotate around you, even though you are standing on stable ground.

The museum invites active participation, encouraging visitors to take photos and use the exhibits to more fully experience and understand how easily one can be misled by one’s own senses. It is not only great fun, but also an opportunity to learn through experience and understand how the human brain and perception works.

A visit to the Museum of Illusions is a great idea for spending time in Split or Zadar, offering an alternative to traditional tourist attractions. It’s a place where science meets fun, and amazement and surprise await at every turn, making it the perfect place for families with children, groups of friends, or anyone who wants to experience something truly extraordinary.


Rancho Ramarin

– A lesser-known part of Croatia, Slavovna, but beautiful and worth exploring. It is here that Ramarin Ranch offers horseback riding opportunities and lessons for beginners in a beautiful setting. This is a great opportunity for children to learn horseback riding and come into close contact with animals. This is definitely a great option for those who like to spend their time actively, but in a different way than at playgrounds or water parks. Here you can go horseback riding, biking, fishing or meditate in yoga classes! On site you can rent cottages, hold a party or organize an overnight camp for the kids. More details can be found here.

Osijek Zoological Garden

– If you’ve decided to explore this part of Croatia, also take a look at the zoo. It’s a fantastic place for families with children. With a variety of animal species and beautifully maintained grounds, it is an ideal place to spend an active day in nature. Children not only have the opportunity to see many exotic and local animal species, but also to participate in educational programs and workshops that raise awareness about the need for environmental protection and the importance of biodiversity.

Awesome that you made it all the way here! I hope the list of attractions I’ve prepared for you has piqued your curiosity and you’re already planning which places to visit first. Remember, Croatia is not only beautiful beaches and historic cities, but also a whole host of amazing adventures waiting for you and your children. Whether it will be impressions from the heights of the rope park, mysteries of the underwater world, cultural discoveries or maybe the first steps on a horse – one thing is certain, you will not be bored! So pack your backpacks, adventure awaits at every corner. And be sure to share your impressions with us when you return. See you on the adventure trail in Croatia!

Here’s Part 1 of the post on children’s attractions!

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