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Here you will find many interesting articles, tips and inspiration for successful vacations and profitable investments. Our blog is a source of professional knowledge and experience in the field of tourism and real estate.
10 reasons why you should already be booking your holiday in Croatia!
A unique holiday in Croatia: sun, sea, sights and adventure! Discover 10 reasons why you should book your trip today!
17/04/2024 Category: Guides and Tips 0 Comments
Split- TOP10 things you MUST do while you are here!
Hello traveller! If you are planning to visit Split, you are in the right place. Split is not only a historic city, home to the ancient Doklecjan Palace, but also ...
17/04/2024 Category: Attractions 0 Comments
Central Dalmatia: A Practical Guide to Transportation
The way to move in the central phalanx: bus, train, ferry. What, where, for how much. Guide
25/03/2024 Category: Guides and Tips 0 Comments
One day on the island of Brač! An amazing adventure
An ideal idea for a day trip (but not only!) to the island of Brač by ferry from Split.
22/03/2024 Category: Attractions, Guides and Tips 0 Comments
Amazing attractions for kids in Croatia, part 2.
Guide to atrkations for children in Croatia - in Istria, Dalmatia and Slavonia.
12/03/2024 Category: Attractions, Guides and Tips 0 Comments
5 attractions in Croatia for adrenaline seekers!
5 amazing attractions in Croatia that will raise your adrenaline level!
11/03/2024 Category: Attractions, Guides and Tips, Holidays 0 Comments
What souvenirs to bring back from your vacation? part.2
We recently gave you some ideas for interesting souvenirs you can buy in Croatia. Today we’ll show you more inspiration, this time… from the kitchen! Literally and figuratively, [...]
04/03/2024 Category: Guides and Tips 0 Comments
A hidden wonder of nature-the source of the Cetina River!
The source of the Cetina River (hr. Izvor Cetine), located in the village of Cetina, is a unique natural treasure in Croatia! Veliko Vrelo, as the spring is otherwise called, ...
04/03/2024 Category: Attractions 0 Comments
This is what you must try on vacation! – desserts
Today we come to you with a very pleasant topic, because who doesn’t like food, especially desserts? We will introduce you to some of the delicacies that you absolutely must ...
04/03/2024 Category: Culinary 0 Comments
Croatian trail- a long distance trail in Croatia!
Croatian Trail is a unique long-distance trail in Croatia. The trail encourages people to live an active lifestyle and get out of their comfort zone to broaden their experiences. Croatian ...
28/02/2024 Category: Attractions 0 Comments