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Do you own property in Croatia?

Earn money passively and stress-free!

We offer you a comprehensive management service for your property
With a focus on achieving your goals!


How do we operate?


FullService is the perfect solution for you if you are looking for a comprehensive service for your property. We mainly deal with: cleaning, minor repairs, guest services, promotion and communication. We do everything for you, and you enjoy the profits!
Promotion of the property - we take care of the promotion and marketing for your property and it remains on your side to do the cleaning, repairs, receiving and bidding farewell to guests and serving them during their stay.

We will take care of your property for you!

Promotion in top OTA portals

Thanks to the technology we use, we can integrate dozens of web portals (for ex. Booking, Airbnb) with a total reach of more than 750 million users per month!

Social media promotion

Both using the reach of our profiles, paid advertising and using content monitoring tools, our specialists respond to the needs of social media users by offering your property.

Great Customer Experience

Taking care of tailored communication, great customer service and most of all comfort and satisfaction with the property we get great feedback and recommendations, returning customers!

Why choose KokoStay as your real estate rental partner?

Find out why we offer you the most effective options

Start cooperation free of charge

We don't charge any salary until you make money.

Guaranteed safe property rental process

We provide an automated, secure booking process to help you avoid ocerbooking!

Customized pricing and promotional strategy

Depending on your goal, we work together to select a strategy that is right for you.

Free up your time

We take over 100% of the communication with your clients, and in the full-service option 100% of the property management.


We take care of all legal aspects, regulations, personal data processing and insurance.


Thanks to a dedicated panel, you have an overview of all bookings, income and interest in the property.

Frequently asked questions​:

  1. Full Service We offer a comprehensive management service for apartments for rent on a short, medium and long-term basis. We not only handle cleaning and repairs, but also greet guests, promote offers and communicate with customers. You just hand over your apartment to us and enjoy the profits.
  2. Promotion of the property We promote as KokoStay the property on social media and other channels, attract customers, inform customers about the details of the property and accommodation, but the care of the property (cleaning, repairs, preparation for guests, checking the property AFTER guests check out, etc.), remains with the owner.
We always settle according to. RESULT PROVISION model. The commission varies depending on the selected model of cooperation and other individually discussed details of cooperation. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us to discuss a detailed offer.
Depending on the cooperation model, the contract can be for a fixed term or indefinitely. All details are discussed individually.
Yes, when establishing the terms of cooperation, we jointly determine when and how much time is allocated for the personal property owner to stay at no extra charge.
Yes, your personalized KokoStay tutor will help you choose the right pricing and promotional strategy in line with your goals.
Yes, as a landlord you will get access to a website where you can find all the information about booking your property. In addition, upon request, you can receive a detailed report once a month.
Yes, as KokoStay we work with trusted professionals in the real estate brokerage industry, so that, we can offer you support if you want to invest. If you are interested, email us at

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