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Invest in the future with KokoStay! Our unique approach to property management in Croatia opens up a world of stable profits and unlimited opportunities. By combining the passion for discovering new places with solid investment strategies, we create a space where everyone can find something for themselves.
Regardless of whether you are looking for a safe haven for your finances or want to actively participate in creating unique places, KokoStay is your guide to the world of profitable investments. Come, see and join the group of satisfied investors who are already enjoying the fruits of cooperation.
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Invest with KokoStay - Discover the possibilities!

Investment in KokoStay

Join the group of KokoStay investors and enjoy a fixed percentage of return. Our strategy is to manage your funds stably, ensuring the continuity and security of your investments. We are committed to maintaining a clear and reliable investment line that allows us to achieve predictable results.

Support in purchasing real estate

At Kokostay, we support you in finding the perfect property by working with trusted agents. After a successful purchase, we take over the management, managing and generating profit from rental. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience to make your investment grow stronger.

Custom investing options

For those who are determined, we offer non-standard investment options, available to people on the waiting list. They include, among others: shares in selected real estate or individual company projects. This is an opportunity to invest in a way that best suits your expectations and investment goals.


At KokoStay, we are committed to building lasting values. We focus on long-term relationships and success, understanding that our success is directly related to the satisfaction and satisfaction of our investors.

Expert Support

With our support, you will choose a property that meets your expectations. Then, we take over the management, offering you peace of mind and financial stability.

Achieving investment goals

At KokoStay we understand that each investor has unique goals and preferences. Our task is to support you at the stage of setting them and effectively achieving these goals. You set the direction, we provide the tools and experience to help you achieve your desired result.

Management with Passion

At KokoStay, we discover and use the full potential of each property. Our passion translates into maximizing profits and creating value that lasts. We want every investment to be not only profitable, but also inspiring.

Stable Profit

The key to our management is striving for stability and predictability of profits. Stosujemy sprawdzone strategie inwestycyjne, które pomagają Twoim finansom rosnąć w siłę, zapewniając bezpieczeństwo i spokój umysłu.

The beauty of Croatia

Invest in unique properties in one of the most beautiful corners of the world. Croatia is not only a tourist paradise, but also a land rich in attractive investment locations. Treat yourself to an investment that combines pleasure with benefits.

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Please contact us to learn the details of our investment offer. At KokoStay, we are prepared to present you the possibilities and support we can offer. We understand that every investment decision is important, which is why we provide professional advice tailored to your needs. Initiate a dialogue and we will provide information that will help you understand how we can achieve success together.

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