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This is what you must try on vacation! – desserts

Today we come to you with a very pleasant topic, because who doesn’t like food, especially desserts? We will introduce you to some of the delicacies that you absolutely must try while on vacation in Croatia!

First of all, we recommend you try rožaty. You can find this dessert in restaurants mainly in Dalmatia, but there are also establishments serving it outside the region. What makes this product unique is the rose liqueur. You can eat a very good, homemade rožata at the konoba Kod Joze in Split.

Another specialty is fritules, which are small, soft doughnuts. They are usually dusted with powdered sugar, but they are a bit softer than classic doughnuts. They are usually served at Christmas, but are also often sold at holiday booths, fried on the fly.

We also want to recommend to you štrukli, a traditional specialty from Zagorje. In order to protect štrukli as a Croatian dish, it was entered in the Register of Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Croatia. They can be prepared both sweet and salty. If you come across them on a restaurant menu, we recommend trying them!

A very similar dessert to our custard is kremšnita. This is the perfect treat for cake fans! Shortcrust puff pastry with delicate with soft vanilla cream, dusted with powdered sugar- yummy! It is most popular in Zagreb, but you can also try it in other parts of Croatia.

Another suggestion is međimurska gibanica, which is a very sweet cake with four layers of filling. It is layered with a filling of nuts, poppy seeds, cheese and apples. It is indeed a real sweetness!

Croatia is also famous for good ice cream, or sladoled. Popular flavors such as pistachio, lemon and fig will delight any connoisseur! Another interesting option is lavender ice cream, but it probably won’t appeal to everyone. Nevertheless, if you are looking for new flavors or just like to test, we recommend you to try this ice cream as the opportunity arises.

While on vacation, you are also sure to encounter a specialty such as smokvenjak.It gets its name from the word smokva, which in Croatian means fig. This is a dessert prepared using dried figs. The mass is formed into rectangular shapes and cut into pieces. It is a traditional healthy dessert, often eaten as a sweet snack. If you like figs, you absolutely must try this delicacy!

These, of course, are just a few suggestions among the many other sweets and desserts that Croatia offers. Croatian sweets and desserts are diverse and reflect the country’s cultural richness. They are not only tasty, but also related to the traditions of the regions in question. Local ingredients are often used in their preparation, which makes them even more special. We hope that after reading the post you got the urge to test Croatian specialties!

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