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The most beautiful beaches in Croatia. TOP 10!

10 pięknych plaż Chorwacji
10 beautiful beaches in Croatia.

Croatia, with its picturesque coastlines and crystal clear Adriatic waters, is home to some of the most spectacular beaches in Europe. In our article, we will show you the most beautiful beaches, from hidden coves to vast, sandy shores. Each of them offers a unique experience, perfect for both adventure seekers and those who want peace and relaxation. Explore these paradise spots with us and discover which of them will best fulfill your dreams of a perfect holiday by the sea.
*Random order, because they are all wonderful!

photo by: @domagojsever
photo: @domagojsever, Stiniva Beach

Stiniva Beach (Vis Island): This hidden beach, surrounded by high cliffs, is a real gem of the Adriatic. Stiniva offers amazing views and crystal clear water. Directions? Ferry from Split to the town of Vis on the island of Vis, then if you are by car you can arrive in about 20min. On foot, although this is for the persistent – 9.5 km, or by rented boat. It’s not easy, but it’s WORTH IT!

Banje Beach (Dubrovnik): One of the most famous beaches in Croatia, Banje is located in the heart of Dubrovnik and offers amazing views of the ancient city. Liked by some, disliked by others, but you can’t deny the charm of its location!

by @ljetoincroatia, Banja Beach

Beach Sv. Ivan (Cres Island): located next to the picturesque village of Lubenice, it delights with its seclusion and spectacular views of the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. It was included in the 40 most beautiful beaches in the world according to… German magazine Bild. The easiest way to get to the beach is by sea, and you can go down from the town of Lubenice, but there is a 400m steep path leading to it. Please note that there is no additional infrastructure on this beach, so if you decide to go on a trip, bring enough supplies.

Sakarun Beach (Dugi Otok Island): It is probably one of the most popular beaches in Croatia, also called the Caraibes of the Adriatic. This beautiful beach is popular due to the combination of sand (which is not common in Croatia!) and the blue of the Adriatic Sea! It’s impressive. You can get to the island of Dugi Otok by ferry from Zadar, then from the port in Božava by public transport or taxi (you can also get there on foot, but in the summer heat, we do not recommend it ;))

Pasjača Beach (Konavle): this is probably the most Instagrammable beach in Croatia. It is often listed among the best beaches in Europe and is usually among the top Croatian beaches. You can only get to it by a steep path and stairs, which in themselves guarantee an amazing experience!

Lovrečina Beach on the island of Brač: This sandy beach is known for its archaeological finds and beautiful, green surroundings. You can get there by car and leave it in the nearby parking lot. You will also find some additional attractions there if you are looking for something beyond the azure water and beach.

Bili Žal Beach (Dugi Otok Island): Bili Žal is an excellent choice for those looking for peace and quiet on a beautiful, pebbly beach. It is located in an uninhabited part of the island, but you can easily reach it via an asphalt, well-marked road.

Sunj Beach (Lopud Island): with a gently shelving beach and a sandy bottom, it is ideal for families and people who value easy access to the Adriatic Sea. From Lopud, where the ferry arrives, you can get to the beach on foot (approx. 30 minutes away) or by melex.

Proizd Beach (Korčula Island): Known for its crystal clear waters and quiet coves, Proizd is perfect for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. You can conveniently get to the island by water taxi from Vela Luka on the island of Korčula.

Nugal Beach (Makarska): Surrounded by cliffs and forest, Nugal offers not only beautiful landscapes, but also a peaceful atmosphere. Getting to the beach is not the easiest, but the route and views make up for everything, because you can walk practically the entire way through the beautiful Osejava Park.

As you travel around Croatia in search of the perfect beaches, it’s worth remembering that what we’ve just discovered is just a small part of what this picturesque country has to offer. Each of these 10 beaches is unique and offers something different, but Croatia is full of other, equally delightful places by the sea. From bays hidden among rocky cliffs, through picturesque sandy coasts, to vibrant city beaches – everyone will find something for themselves here.

So, when traveling in Croatia, don’t forget to stray from the beaten track sometimes. Discover, explore and discover new places. Who knows, maybe your perfect beach is still waiting for you, hidden somewhere among the Adriatic pearls. Croatia is full of surprises and regardless of whether you are a lover of a quiet holiday or an adventure seeker, you will certainly find something here that will delight you and make you want to come back here again and again.

Croatia is waiting for you to discover its beauty – every beach, every bay has its own unique story. So take with you good energy and openness to new experiences, and your Croatian adventure will surely become unforgettable.

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