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A hidden wonder of nature-the source of the Cetina River!

The source of the Cetina River (hr. Izvor Cetine), located in the village of Cetina, is a unique natural treasure in Croatia! Veliko Vrelo, as the spring is otherwise called, is one of the deepest springs in Europe, and the Cetina itself is one of the cleanest rivers in the region.

Since 1972, the area where the spring is located has been protected. Many species of flora and fauna live there, including an endemic species of fish – the Cetian trout. From the outside, the source seems rather shallow… however, nothing could be further from the truth! The surveyed depth of the source of the Cetina is 115 meters, it is not entirely clear how many meters lower the bottom is.

Is it possible to bathe in the source of the Cetina? This is an experience for the real daredevils! The water in the spring is very cold, so most visitors choose only to soak their feet in the shallow part of the spring. Swimming in the spring can be dangerous, so always be careful!

Although it is still a relatively unpopular tourist attraction, one can see an increase in tourists here. The location of the spring itself is incredibly atmospheric – the area is very peaceful, surrounded by beautiful nature. Not surprisingly, it attracts more and more visitors looking for unconventional attractions every year.

From our own experience, we recommend you take something to eat. There are no food trucks, restaurants or stalls – there is only a small store where you can buy water or a small snack. Several years ago, a wooden platform was built there, from which it is best to view the spring.

While in that area, we also recommend visiting cities such as Knin and Sinj. In addition, the Ćulumova caves and the Balečki bridge are worth hooking up. Nature lovers are also welcome to the entry on National Parks.

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